Back Flow Testing and Repair in Venice, FL

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Backflow is when contaminated water has entered clean water lines. This can typically be caused by a significant change in water pressure. Dirty water may contain hazardous materials like human waste, pesticides, or chemicals, so it poses a serious health concern. A safety device can be installed to prevent backflow from occurring. In the case of an unexpected or dramatic change in water pressure, this device will stop dirty water from entering the clean water supply. However, this device must be properly installed and tested to ensure that the clean water line remains free of contaminants. Occasionally, the backflow prevention assembly could be in need of repair. A field test can be conducted on the assembly to read the data to determine if a repair is needed. Anthony Gennaro Plumbing can provide preventative maintenance backflow testing quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or what best fits the client’s needs! We service Venice and all of Central Florida.


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